Ms. Wang Anlin Paid a Visit to German Book Information Center

发布时间:2011年11月25日  阅读次数:2701  

On November 15th, Ms. Wang Anlin, with the company of the Department of Rights and International Cooperation, paid a visit to the German Book Information Center and got a warm reception. Ms. Wang first expressed her thanks to the thoughtful arrangement and earnest service in the Advanced Research Activity of German Publication with the topic of “Education and Digitalization in 2011”during Frankfurt Book Fair, and then consulted about the fellowship for the young editors to apply for the German publication training program and the Goethe Institute Translation Subsidization Plan. The Information Center detailedly introduced the application condition and specific requirements of the above two programmes. Besides, both sides exchanged the views about the compilation and publication of teaching materials for learning Chinese in Germany. The Information Center also recommended Felix Meiner Publisher, which is distinguished in the publication of philosophical books, gave the introduction to the publishing achievement in that field and agreed to build a bridge for communication and cooperation in the future.