Dr. Matthias Wahls Paid a Visit to Beijing Normal University Publishing Group

发布时间:2011年11月28日  阅读次数:6581  

On November 16th, Dr. Matthias Wahls, sole agent of Amsterdam University Press of Holland and president of M. WAHLS Publishing Consultancy, paid a visit to Beijing Normal University Publishing Group. Ms. Wang Anlin, Ms. Yin Lili, Ms. Xie Xi and Mr. Liu Junfeng from the Department of Rights and International Cooperation attended the meeting. Both sides reached a common view on the copyrights and cooperation between Beijing Normal University Press and Amsterdam University Press.
Dr. Wahls gave an introduction to the economic, media and art publication of Amsterdam University Press, especially the film research publication and hoped to cooperate in depth with Beijing Normal University Press in these fields. After our introduction to the related latest books of our press, he was very interested in the art and economic books. Both had the preliminary intention to cooperate in the following items: 1.We supplied with the English brief introductions to A General History of Chinese Art and A History of Fine Arts for Amsterdam University Press to select whether to import the translation version or the entity. 2. A New Media: Phenix and Chinese Image Record of our press accord with the publishing direction of Amsterdam University Press. Dr. Wahls planned to take along with the samples to further discuss the selection of the subject and copyright cooperation. He also advised to recommend Annual Report of Chinese Art in 2009 of our press to Amsterdam University Press as the annual publication book. 3. Dr. Wahls had interest in the economic books of our press as well, such as Works of Modern Economists in China and Report on the China’s Market Economy Development. He intended to recommend them to Amsterdam University Press or other European Presses and thought that these books are good materials for the west to know about China’s economy today. 4. Dr. Wahls would like to offer export channels and set up bridges of cooperation regarding the educational and psychological books of our press. In addition, both conferred to further cooperate by planning the selection of subjects and co-publishing based on the copyrights and entity import and export.