Professor Koji Kato Paid a Visit to Beijing Normal University Press

发布时间:2011年11月28日  阅读次数:3177  

On Nov. 17th, 2011, Professor Koji Kato from Sophia University in Japan, paid a visit to Beijing Normal University Press, and had a meeting with Ms. Yin Lili, the deputy director of Copyrights and International Cooperation Department and Ms. Zhang Hongling, the director of Arts Branch in Elementary Education Department. Both sides had a good discussion on the education of Chinese characters in China and Japan as well as the co-publishing of children’s reading books in Chinese.
Professor Kato has been in the research of comparative education for decades. He has focused on the bilingual education for ten years, and is especially interested in the way of teaching children Chinese characters in China. He also wrote some famous books like Education of Chinese Character in China. By discussion, Professor Kato gets some idea about our process of compiling textbooks and hopes to develop some Chinese as foreign language learning books for Japanese and other reading materials in Chinese with us.