Mr. Paul Evans, Managing Director of Sage Publications Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd,Paid a Visit to Beijing Normal University Publishing Group

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On the afternoon of November 24th, 2011, Mr. Paul Evans, Managing Director of Sage Publications Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd, and Clare Sun, usiness Development Manager of Sage Asia Holdings, paid a visit to Beijing Normal University Publishing Group. Ms. Wang Anlin, General Manager Assistant in charge of copyright businesses, and Ms. Yin Lili, Ms. Xie Xi, Mr. Liu Junfeng from the Department of Copyrights and International Cooperation, attended the meeting. Mr. Evans is an old friend of the publishing house. He had a thorough discussion with Mr. Yang Geng, general manager of Beijing Normal University Publishing Group at BIBF this September when both sides reached an agreement to enhance the cooperation. This time Mr. Evans came to exchange the views on some specific matters of the cooperation on the basis of the meeting with Mr. Yang Geng last time.

Ms. Wang gave an introduction to the development of Beijing Normal University Publishing Group. BNUPG has always adhered to the publishing philosophy of “developing Chinese culture and sharing world civilization”, conducted the transformation of enterprises and systemsthe reform of trans-regional and trans-ownership operation. BNUPG has been active in advancing the transformation of book systems for some years now, and has positioned itself as “the backbone of educational science (including psychological science) and humanities, the essence of social science and natural science”, creating competitive products. It has received praise from the society and the publishing industry.

Mr. Evans also introduced the development of Sage Publishing Group. Over the past 46 years since it was established, Sage has positioned itself as academic and commercial development together and has published over 600 journals, over 800 new books every year. Sage pays special attention to China’s publishing market in the recent years and is active in searching for partners, planning to move forward from simple copyright trading to in-depth cooperation with Chinese publishers which involves co-planning of title selection and co-publication. Mr. Evans believes that Beijing Normal University Publishing Group, as a distinguished university publishing group, has a lot in common with Sage in educational and social science publication since in the over 800 new books published by Sage every year, over 200 titles are about education and over 100 related to the research methods of social science, which are rich copyright resources for both parties. Ms. Wang agreed and recommended two projects as a starting point for the cooperation and hoped to achieve substantial progress in the near future. Mr. Evans intended to report it to the editorial board of Sage Publishing Group at the nearest video conference.

Both sides would like to achieve sound and close cooperation with more co-publishing projects.