A girl born in the 1980s, in pursuit of her dreams, came to study in mainland China, traveled to 60 cities in 15 countries over three continents, and earned an annual salary of 1 million. She won the prize of Best Improvised Speaker in the China Central TV Station 2005 National English Speaking Contest, was selected to participate in the Global Teenager Leadership Program on a Top Scholarship of the Global Teenager Leadership Program, received overseas education in Switzerland on a full scholarship, gained work experience in the UN and in international companies in Switzerland and Germany, and started up her own business in Shanghai and Hong Kong. How did the small dreams and impulsions “to gain a better view of this world” encourage this girl of 28 to overcome all kinds of difficulties and win at every turning point of life? This book records all her intriguing and encouraging stories. After reading this book, you will learn to find a starting point for your own dreams, stop neglecting and escaping from your inner voice, and listen carefully to what you are asking of yourself, for the voice emanating from time and time within you is just the starting point for fulfilingl your dreams.