This series utilizes many advanced multimedia techniques such as flash and MPR, through which you can “read” the material with an electric pen.
    In “Everyday Chinese”, you will learn a lot of day-to-day vocabulary useful for dining, shopping, and asking for directions. In “Chinese Culture”, you will learn tidbits of interesting Chinese culture, such as Beijing opera, calligraphy, and the Spring Festival. In “Critical Thinking”, you will find many cultural phenomena and controversial topics for exploration. Despite the fact that most of the stories in I’m Beijing take place in Beijing, the series is not about Beijing only. It also incorporates the most typical aspects of Chinese culture, whilst also introducing the cultures of some other countries as a counterpart to Chinese culture for comparison.
    • Aimed at beginners at middle-school level, both in China and abroad
    • Composed of topics concerning the daily lives of foreign children in China, as well as some culture issues faced
    • A multi-media resource for learning Chinese, including flash, interactive activities and MPR, with which you can “read” the material with a pen