State Guidelines for Medium-to-long-term Education Reform and Development Plan depicts the magnificent blueprint of China’s education reform and development in the next ten years. In order to grasp the spirit of the State Guidelines more completely and exactly, comprehend the its content more comprehensively and deeply and disseminate the new ideas, new missions, new systems and new measures more promptly and widely, this book analyzes the State guidelines for medium-to-long-term educational reform and the government-issued development plan as its chief sources from the political and academic perspectives, emphasizing the main content of the guidelines, outlining the spirit of them and examining their key components. It also provides an elaborate analysis of and practical guidance for the implementation of the state guidelines in medium-to long-term educational reform and development, which will promote governments at all levels, the public and related educational institutions to learn, understand and practice the State Guidelines and serves the Chinese educational reform and development in the new era.