Copenhagen World Climate Conference further enhances the discussion of human beings’ survival development environment. Developing the green economics has transformed into the urgent action from the consensus of every country. Green development is relative to the black development at the cost of the damage of ecology, environment and natural resources in the time of Industrialization. It is a transformation of economic development pattern and a strategy of sustainable development that coordinates environmental protection and economical growth. In order to realize the transformation of economic development pattern and economic sustainable development and promote the China’s green economic growth, Beijing Normal University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and Chinese Economics Prosperity Monitoring Center of National Bureau of Statistics, jointly launch 2010 Green Index in China: An Analysis of All the Provinces. The report evaluates the green development systematically in all the provinces in 2008 from the perspective of economic green growth, the bearing of resources and environment and governmental green actions, reveals the advantages and inconveniences and strives to promote the green development service. In addition, it expounds the status quo of green development, its problems and related measures in a wide range. It will be helpful for the foreign companies to understand the hot issues and business circles to invest in China in the next stage.